Monthly Archives: January 1963

12 January 1963 – To India to seek concurrence for Colombo proposals

Visiting India, Mrs Bandaranaike sought the concurrence of Prime Minister Nehru for the proposals that had been formulated in Colombo with regard to the tension between India and China. Speaking in New Delhi, Mrs Bandaranaike said “I think it is a lesson of history that war does not solve any question: it only provokes more

08 January 1963 – To China to seek concurrence for Colombo proposals

Mrs Bandaranaike visited China to apprise the Chinese Government on the outcome of the deliberations in Colombo. She secured a positive response and China expressed its gratitude to Mrs Bandaranaike for her initiative and efforts to promote a peaceful settlement. The visit was also an opportunity to reaffirm the Bandung Principles, whereby it was agreed