Monthly Archives: June 1963

19 June 1963 – Concern over the persecution of Buddhists in South Vietnam

Ceylon was instrumental in leading efforts at the United Nations in raising concern over the discrimination of Buddhists in South Vietnam. Mobilizing world opinion, Mrs Bandaranaike wrote to Indian Prime Minister Nehru, Burmese leader General Ne Win, Prime Minister of Laos Prince Souvanna Phouma, Cambodian leader Prince Sihanouk, Japanese Prime Minister Ikeda, Thai Prime Minister

05 June 1963 – Decision to take over oil companies

Mrs Bandaranaike decided in June 1963 to make the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation the sole importer and distributor of petroleum products in the country. This decision was taken owing to the lack of a satisfactory mechanism of conserving foreign exchange and ensuring an uninterrupted supply of oil. As such the CPC Act of 1963 was enacted