Monthly Archives: October 1971

24 October 1971– Visit to the United Kingdom

Undertaking a four day official visit to the United Kingdom, Mrs Bandaranaike, who was the guest of Prime Minister Edward Heath, appreciated the support extended by the UK, earlier that year in tackling the youth uprising in Ceylon. In addition to meeting the Queen, the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs,

21 October 1971 – Visit to Canada

Problems confronted at the United Nations, fermenting issues in South Asia and Canadian aid to Ceylon were among the main topics of discussion during Mrs Bandaranaike’s visit to Canada. Considered a reciprocal visit, after Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau had visited Ceylon at the beginning of 1971, she met with Canadian Foreign Minister Mitchell Strap during

20 October 1971 – Meeting with US President Richard Nixon

Mrs Bandaranaike, whilst visiting the United States of America to address the United Nations General Assembly, undertook a private visit to Washington. She held bilateral discussions with US President Richard Nixon in the Oval Office, as well as conducted meetings with Secretary of State William Rogers, in addition to being hosted by the US First

12 October 1971 – UNGA – Peace Zone proposal

Attending the 26thsession of the United Nations General Assembly in October 1971, Mrs Bandaranaike proposed the declaration of the Indian Ocean as a Zone of Peace. This topic featured in her discussions with UN Secretary General U Thant. The resolution which was sponsored by Ceylon and Tanzania was co-sponsored by several other countries and received