Monthly Archives: January 1972

21 January 1972 – Establishment of the State Film Corporation

With a keen view in nurturing local cinema, Mrs Bandaranaike was instrumental in the establishment of the State Film Corporation in an era in which cinema and stage drama were the sole forms of visual entertainment. Providing much needed support to the industry, the Film Corporation played a pivotal role in promoting local films, providing

1972 – Agricultural Productivity Act

Mrs Bandaranaike’s Government introduced the Agricultural Productivity Act in 1972 with the aim of defining standards of production in respect of land held with the threat of confiscation of the owners do not conform. Whilst this Act abolished cultivation committees, it established agricultural productivity committees with the objective of reaching maximum productivity levels through the

1972 – Land Reform Act

Having identified a common yearning in the country for land and livelihoods, Mrs Bandaranaike appointed Land Reform Commission. Tasked with the re-distribution of land, the regulations which were introduced limited an adult to possessing 50 acres and also introduced a restriction on the number of houses a family could own. Through this mechanism 400, 000