Monthly Archives: April 1975

29 April 1975 – 3rdCommonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, Jamaica

The 3rd Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting held in Jamaica and hosted by Prime Minister Michael Manley, came as the world focused its attention on the Vietnam War. Mrs Bandaranaike joined Indira Gandhi of India, Harold Macmillan of Britain, Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore and Mujibur Rahman of Bangladesh, among others, at this session.

28 April 1975 – Oil Concessions from Iraq

Travelling to Jamaica for the Commonwealth sessions, Mrs Bandaranaike broke journey in Baghdad for four days. She was undertaking the visit in a backdrop of OPEC sharply increasing oil prices and countries like Sri Lanka feeling the direct impact of such changes. During discussions with Vice President Saddam Hussein, Mrs Bandaranaike was able to comprehensively